Application from August 1, 2022



Energy supplement during the month of December:

The energy rate will be 0,00 € during the month of February.




Energy supplement during the month of January:

Products sold per square meter: + 1,56 €/m2

Products sold per linear meter: + 0,11 €/lm


Special pieces

Steps, Pool finishing pieces, etc. : + 0,24 €/unit

Bricks (Barretas): + 0,04 €/unit

Tile trim (moldings, canes, etc.): + 0,05 €/unit


Exceptional situation

Due to the current difficult situation that affects the entire ceramic sector caused by the continuous and incessant rise in gas, electricity and fuels, as well as the raw materials used for manufacturing, we are forced to apply this energy rate whose price It marks to a greater extent the price of gas, which has increased by 600%, which makes the prices offered up to now in our ceramic products unfeasible.

Gas is essential for firing all our ceramic tiles, so all these ceramic products are affected.

This supplement is added to the price per square meter of the product in rate, to avoid constantly changing our price rates, we have chosen to apply this variable supplement according to the price of gas the previous month.

This rate is temporary, For the duration of the current energy crisis, once prices return to normal or remain stable at an affordable cost, this fee will be eliminated.



C. Alteret, S.L.