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About us


The history of Alteret Cerámicas goes back more than 55 years, establishing itself in 1964 in the location of an old pottery from the 13th century.

The small family business began its career manufacturing ceramic brick for construction, later specializing in the manufacture of totally handmade floor tiles, perfecting its artisanal baked clay, a fact that promoted growth and made Alteret Cerámicas one of the main European producers of handmade terracotta.

Our products combine tradition and avant-garde, creating unique pieces for each of the projects in a completely handmade way, guaranteeing our best quality, design and innovation for projects that are carried out around the world.



Our history

1964 | 

Alteret was born on the grounds of an old pottery that dates back to the 13th century, making terracotta extruded brick.


1992 | 

We focus on 100% handmade terracotta clay production.


1995 | 

We started the elaboration of the glazed tile.


1996 | 

Alteret Cerámicas obtains the Valencian Community Craftsmanship (Artesanía Comunitat Valenciana) certificate for handmade manufacturing, granted by the Department of Industry, Commerce and Energy of the Valencian Community.


2015 | 

We made the Vulcano finish, a handmade terracotta finish with marked black veins.


2018 | 

We developed the first Zellige manufactured in Spain, incorporating this traditional Moroccan tile to our manufacture.


2020 | 

We add the Grey Terracotta finish to our range of handmade terracotta.


2023 | 

We continue to advance together with our clients, developing unique handmade ceramic surfaces.