Our history :: Alteret Ceramics. Handmade Terracotta and Wall Tiles

Our story

1964 | 

Alteret was born on the grounds of an old pottery that dates back to the 13th century, making terracotta extruded brick.


1992 | 

We focus on 100% handmade terracotta clay production.


1995 | 

We started the elaboration of the glazed tile.


2015 | 

We made the Vulcano finish, a handmade terracotta finish with marked black veins.


2018 | 

We developed the first Zellige manufactured in Spain, incorporating this traditional Moroccan tile to our manufacture.


2020 | 

We add the Grey Terracotta finish to our range of handmade terracotta.


2022 | 

We continue to advance together with our clients, developing unique handmade ceramic surfaces.