Siau Ibiza Hotel

 June 7, 2021

The new 5-star Hotel SIAU IBIZA of the ALUA Hotels & Resorts company will open its doors this summer presenting an idyllic setting in a casual luxury hotel on the beachfront located on the north coast of the White Island.

Among the different spaces designed for this Hotel with our handmade tiles we find the Kiosk and the toilets in the pool area with our Zellige Collection in size 10x10x1,2 cm with custom colors, creating this unique geometric pattern that, due to its aesthetics and color, brings vitality to the whole exterior of the Hotel SIAU IBIZA.


Collection: Zellige 10x10x1,2 cm
Colors: G002 Frambuesa, G006 Salmon, G001 Red, G101 White, G105 Pearl Grey, G202 Blue, G204 Mignight Blue.