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Bespoke tile projects


At Alteret, we constantly work to bring the ideas of clients from all over the world to life, collaborating with prestigious architecture and interior design studios to create, advise and make reality projects that will make a difference with unique handcrafted products come true.

Our technical department will advise you during the development of your idea so that it adapts to your objective to be achieved through an infinity of finishes and colors that will define your product. The following phases will take place in your product development.



Statement of the idea


The client's idea is studied, the first plans are sketched and the final finishes are proposed.




Our technical team studies the feasibility and characteristics of the project, which measures will be suitable for each product according to its use and the colors requested by the client are developed.




Our manufacture is completely handmade, so tailor-made projects should be studied in advance.

Production times vary mainly according to the dimensions of the project and the size of the pieces, the larger the pieces, the higher the drying time prior to the first firing of the handmade terracotta.





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