In Alicante is located this Palace House, where we find this impressive pool inspired by the Alhambra of Granada, a project for which we replicated the wall tiles of the Alhambra, creating a series of pieces in Zellige and glazed with a set of colors equal to those of the aforementioned monument.

For the floor, a 40x40x2.7 cm pavement was made with an glazed valance in Blue BL and White color that surrounds the terracotta tiles. Surrounding the pool was a Travertine Classic Marble aged with a format of 100x50x3 cm being this at the height of the water level, which makes the pool achieve a mirror effect, reflecting the enclosure in the water and granting a greater continuity to space.

Through the use of materials of natural origin such as terracotta and marble, as well as following the ancient artisanal techniques used for the construction of the Alhambra Palace, we obtain this project that manages to recreate a palatial atmosphere of the 14th century AD.