Waterproof protection

Factory-applied water-repellent protection * has the following purpose:

  • Prevent the absorption of water avoiding the formation of mold, moss, verdigris, etc.
  • It prevents the exit of saltpeter from the material.
  • Creates a barrier against atmospheric agents.
  • Prevents aging and decomposition of the material.
  • Used before grouting, it prevents the material from absorbing the joint cement, facilitating the initial final cleaning of the work.

Among its many advantages, it stands out:

  • It is a water-based product: the treatment is more environmentally friendly and drastically reduces waiting times between treatment phases.
  • It does not change the hue, color, or texture of the material.
  • Excellent for indoors and outdoors.
  • Let the material breathe.
  • It is anti-efflorescence.
  • It does not form superficial films.
  • Compatible with traditional wax treatment.

* The water repellent protection applied at the factory has a cost supplement that varies according to the number of pieces per m2 of the product to be protected.